How to make a correct one turn in a wall with your hammer drill

Published On 31-03-2015 | By wmaster | Hammer Drill

We first introduce the fixture on the wall and make sure it is completely right. Then we draw trademarks where we will drill holes through the attachment.

It is important to make holes in the ceramic and not in the joints with your hammer drill.

Prepare the water tank, which will be responsible for the cooling while the drilling. Stick the adhesive on the back of the guide and attach it to the wall instead we have before.

We fill the water tank.

Install the residue diamond drill in your hammer drill. it should not be in hammer mode.

Activate the tank valve and to ensure that the flow of water. We make the hole so much pressure.

We remove the reservoir and the guide wall.

Now we need to change the diameter of the masonry by drilling with diamond drill residue. Enable hammer drill mode.


Just make the hole in the wall.

We clean the area and install the caps on.

With the help of screwdriver we urge the screws and adjust the accessory.

Now you just need to put the fixture on the wall et clean your hammer drill

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