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Rubi ts – the best alternative to cut ceramic tiles?

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One element that should be present in masonry or resurfacing are the machines for cutting ceramic or tiles, the first manual model appeared on the market over 60 years ago.

Today the market offers three basic types of rubi ts machines for cutting ceramic, which are distinguished by the working principle and are selected based on the type of work performed.

Types of electrical rubis ts machines for cutting ceramic

  • Portable cutting rubis ts machines: are the most economical and come in small boxes, plastic or metal; the motor and the disk are located below the surface of the workpiece is cut manually and slides into the disk.
  • Cutting rubi ts machines with slider: in this case, the piece is placed on a conveyor trolley that travels under the engine and cutting disc, which are in a fixed location.
  • Cutting rubis ts machines guide rails or console: also called tailstock cutters consist of a fixed platform where the piece is built; disk motor and move on rails or raised bar and pass over the workpiece for cutting.

The latter are those that offer the best performance and cutting quality, so it will stop further in their characteristics.

Electric cutting machines guide rails or console

Cutters with guide rails or console are available in models for mounting on bench or, more frequently, on a folding frame straight or scissor legs, by manufacturer and model, which is supplied with the machine.

Its main parts:

– Chassis: high structural rigidity. Some models of foldable legs 4, like the figure, include two legs provided with wheels, allowing easy movement of the machine.

– Header: is a rail system or console aluminum sliding on bearings which serves to accurately guided.

– Protective Save the blade: it is a closed assembly provides maximum protection to the operator, improves the visibility of the piece

– Cooling system water immersion: both dust removal, as the life of the disk and the piece, and the precision and cutting quality depend essentially on a good cooling system.

– Electric Motor: single-phase motor is a direct drive

Depending on the manufacturer and specific model, rubi ts cutting machines with guide rails or console are suitable for cutting large pieces of tile, ceramic tile, stone, granite, marble, tile, stone, brick, porcelain and other materials.

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