Tile Cutter: How to cut ceramic tiles as a professional

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In this article we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to cut tiles with a tile cutter as a professional in order to perform clean tasks without leveling problems afterwards.

Note: It is important to work with professional tools such as a tile cutter if possible in order to not damage any tiles when working. To avoid problems it is also important to have all the tools beforehand and at reach for any eventuality.

In order to perform a straight cut we suggest to work with a manual tile cutter. This tool has a reinforced and an interchangeable diamond wheel in order to cut the tiles without any difficulty.

Manual tile cutters have a wide range of length measurements based on the size of the tiles. They can be 30, 40, 50 or 60 cms long. These tools can be bought in professional stores or they can even be rent out by days.

1- Once you have all the tools in place, the first thing you have to do is to place the tile under the rails facing towards the front guide which is aligned with the cutting wheel.

2- Once you have the tile in place, you have to pressure downwards while moving forward the handle slightly towards the end of the tile thus making a small straight mark on the ceramic surface.

3- After you have made a visible mark, you have to move the handle towards the center of the tile and to push down with your body pressure. This maneuver with the tile cutter will cut the tile in the desired pieces.

4 – Once you have all the desired pieces from the tiles you have bought you will have to clean the edges.

5- With a file for ceramics you have to clean the edges of every tile piece in order to reduce any rough edge and to avoid any damage.

Once all the tiles are clean they are in perfect shape to use them on any surface.

Take into consideration that this step-by-step guide is only for straight cuts. In order to make a curved cut or a non-straight cut you should use a pincer with reinforced serrated edges since manual tile cutters are made for straight cuts. If you want to make a curved cut, make sure to work slowly paying extra attention on the tile edges since they are very fragile. These types of cuts are ideal if you want to place tiles around water pipes with shims or to fill in some gaps.

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