Tile Cutter II: How to make a point-to-point diagonal cut with stoneware porcelain?

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In this article we will talk about making a diagonal cut with stoneware porcelain. In order to accomplish this task you will have to use a manual tile cutter.


This working tool is available in professional stores but nowadays you can buy it over the Internet. If you will have to do this task only once, you can even rent a manual tile cutter by days. These professionals tools can be a little bit expensive if you don’t use it at work.

A point-to-point diagonal cut it is only possible with certain tile cutter models. Due to the stoneware porcelain characteristics, some manual tile cutter models cannot also accomplish the job. In order to be able to make a point-to-point diagonal cut in stoneware porcelain you have to use a manual tile cutter with 400 kg and above of pressure power in the breaker, which is the piece which will have to cut the material. It is highly recommended to use top tile cutter models for this kind of job. In order to better the performance and to have a high quality cut it is also recommended to use an 8 millimeter scoring wheel. This scoring wheel offers great resistance and durability along with precision, reducing any vibration while performing a diagonal cuts.

Once you have the right tile cutter you can start the task. First, you will have to put the tile in place and afterwards you will have to make sure to score the tile in order to leave a diagonal cutting line on the surface of the stoneware porcelain. It is highly recommended to pursue some extra pressure on the endings of the diagonal cutting line in order to have an easier cut later on.

Once you have scored the porcelain surface you can start cutting the tile. This operation is simple if you have the right tile cutter. As said before, all manual tile cutters in the market offers a similar precision but some of the models are made only for straight cuts and some other models such as a Rubi TS are made for more complex cuts as a point-to-point diagonal cut. Another fact to be aware while cutting stoneware porcelain is the size of each tile. Based on the size, you will have to use a different tile cutter since they have different sizing based on the type of tiles you will need to cut. Most of the models have sizes between 30 to 60 cm long. For stoneware porcelain a power breaker for cutting hardness materials is desirable. Some models also have double guide for better visibility of the scoring and for desirable diagonal cutting lines.

In order to make cuts in different angles it is recommended to use electric tile cutter models since they are easier to use and they can perform much more complex cuts.




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