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A garden shed allows you to store all sorts of bulky home appliances and it also offers an additional benefit: It serves as a pantry for all your cleaning and restoration products. Due to the high levels of toxicity and flammability, it’s a good idea to store these items somewhere far away from your house.

This small house, which the owners built in a discreet corner of their garden, is also very useful for kids. Here is how to create a wooden house like this. It’s an easy and rewarding job, so let’s get started!

Once you’ve decided on the location, dig up the ground and roll it flat in order to place the foundations. In the case of this family, there was no additional cost involved in buying the rocks as they were taken from the original house they lived in. This first phase is simple but laborious.


In this next step, you’ll need a mortar with a mixer incorporated in the drill. If you can’t do this, you can always use a specific apparatus for this job. The most practical and advisable tip for creating the shed’s base is to use concrete blocks. Make sure to check the level before moving on to the next step.

  • The raised base floor of the shed is perfect for keeping out the cold and humidity. It’s also a good way to hide pipes and/or wires. From the image we can see that the construction the foundations of wooden sheds do not require the use of numerous materials and can be finished fairly quickly.
  • With the base now finished you can proceed to design whatever structure you want. There are many possibilities. The image below is an example: the structure serves as a garden shed and a mini garden warehouse.
  • To build the walls you must install a double panel: use fir freeze for the outside and a 16mm chipboard for the inside.
  • At this point you’ll see the design really coming together –  Time for a well earned pause for beer!
  • After finishing the roof, the first thing to do is protect the shed from rain with a primer coat. For the walls of the shed you’ll need to line them with planks of pine. To cut the planks to size you can use a saw or a grinder with the corresponding disk.
  • To finish the job you can tile the floor with the remaining tiles from a previous DIY project. Placing the tiles is a skillful job but it’s very easy to accomplish, especially if you use a Tile level. You’ll find that it’s easy to cut the tiles, so long as you have the right tool for the job.
  • Finally, after varnishing the wood, you can take a step back and admire the final result. If you want to achieve an original look to the finished shed, you can add a flat stone doorstep.
  • Building a garden shed is a relatively cheap and easy DIY project, but there are millions of other exciting projects to get excited about. Check out our blog for more creative home improvement ideas.


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