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When to use hydrocleaners at home?

Published On 14-04-2015 | By wmaster | hydrocleaners

Hydrocleaners can be used for cleaning the car, but it is imperative to have flawless one ATV or dirt bike. It can also be used to thoroughly clean a carpet, a facade and lots of other things in a cottage. Yes, if it is to clean a pool, albeit once a year, do not use the machine for eight hours, but rest ten minutes per hour of work.

The workshops of all kinds are another important field of application. To remove mud or grease prior to repair, cleaning all kinds of parts, engine cleaning, bass, of the wheel arches and so on.

In rural areas, hydrocleaners are usefull for cleaning of tractors and agricultural machinery, cleaning stables, boxes for fruits of the field, for cleaning awnings or even for cleaning livestock with certain precautions.

Truckers, especially those in work, but also the route, as well as buses, are users of these machines. Car dealers use the pressure washer for dewaxing new vehicles.

In the food industry, hydrocleaners are usefull for chicken farms, ham drying, etc., the washer is used for cleaning premises, facilities, packaging, vehicle fleet, as well as disinfection processes using appropriate chemicals. In wineries, for cleaning the barrels where the wine was subsequently stored.

In painting workshops, hydrocleaners are usefull for pre-cleaning and to remove old paint, or for degreasing surfaces to be painted. In industrial processes (manufacturing buses, cranes, etc.), degreasing and drying of structures prior to subsequent surface treatments.

Construction is another broad field of application. In cleaning facades of stone or brick, to remove graffiti (graffiti) or off posters on walls, cleaning floors.

Hydrocleaners are also used to unclog pipes. Just remove the handle and throws the end of the hose and put in a place a special nozzle for cleaning pipes. This nozzle has an opening forward and backward several holes that are driving the hose inside the pipe.

PRECAUTIONS -Avoid direct the jet of high pressure to your body. -Use Goggles to prevent splashing of detergents. -at Off the machine, close the stopcock mains water and pulls the trigger with the machine turned off until the pressure discharge of wastewater. When do you clean vertical surfaces up and down. -The Conventional high pressure cleaners must use water temperature less than 40 °. If necessary, clean with hot water there are models that heat the water by a burner.



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